General Information About Maafa

Maafa is a Kiswahili term for disaster, calamity or terrible occurrence. This term has been used to describe the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade/Middle Passage. people of African Descent are invited in an attempt to honor our ancestors who have suffered through the middle passage AND the lives that continue to be compromised due to racism and oppression.

This event is an honoring of our past AND also a prayer for our future. All people of AFRICAN DESCENT are asked to come and share in this time of gathering and remembrance which is a critical step in our personal and collective healing process.

We ask that supporters of African people who are not of African descent themselves respect our desires about the commemoration ceremony and mourning ritual.

The ceremony takes place at Ocean beach (SF) in the month of October.
See Calendar for more information.

Maafa Ceremony 2006

Photos by TaSin Sabir
Music by India Arie